Environmental world against war in Crimea

We, environmentalists from Ukraine, Russia, Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia - all over the world, strongly oppose any military action in such a small corner of our planet. War - is not only a tragedy for the people, it is a tragedy for the environment, for the suffering of all living organisms on earth.

Today there is a threat of war in Crimea - in this fabulously beautiful "brooch on the planet’s Earth body".

It shakes generation - Russia declared war against Ukraine? It seemed that this never can happen, because it never could be possible!

But yesterday, the Russian parliament unanimously voted for war against Ukraine. Is it possible that there is no at least one doubter?

I, Vasily Shevchuk, referring to Russia on behalf of all environmentalists of the world with whom I have worked together for many years to make our planet cleaner and safer, and these are my fellow ministers from Russia, Europe, America, Asia, Africa, New Zealand - stop!

I appeal to Valentina Matvienko - you, a native of Ukraine, you have deceived your colleagues, saying that Russians are dying here. In Crimea, thank God, from the beginning of your invasion, yet no one died. Do not try to strike factual material for your words!

The snipers have credited for forever in Heaven Hundred (Nebesna Sotnya) not only Ukrainians, there are also - Armenians, Georgians, Belarusians, Jews, Russians ... There are all who fearlessly gave their lives for freedom of their land - Ukraine.

Finally, you have to understand - it's not “fascists” and “banderas” (as you call them contemptuously), they are - Heroes' that “overshadowed the country by their chests” from the homegrown dictatorship.

And you, previously respected by me Nikolai Ivanovich Ryzhkov, are following the same wrong path. You, as the Prime Minister during the glasnost era, cannot know the truth.

And the truth is - in Ukraine the civil society has awakened, which would no longer pray for power. We do want to and will run our country. And we will do it the way we will be proud of, and we will not be ashamed, or worse - fear.

And then you want to export to us your dictatorship? It will not work!

So, Mrs. Matvienko, you have to know that you clicked the button “YES” not for voting, you actually pulled the trigger against your former homeland. How do you want then (if you are going to) to come here, to the graves of your ancestors?

I appeal to Putin - stop! Forgiveness Sunday today, forgive yourself your grievances to new Ukraine. Ask for forgiveness for what you have sown. And we'll forgive you if you stop and turn from the warpath against Ukraine.

Remember - you and your children will not have forgiveness for centuries. You can be the first Russian ruler to unleash a war between the two brotherly people. You want such fame?

In these days, when we are celebrating the 200th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko, let's remember his words: “Embrace well one another, my brothers, I pray you, beg you”.

Crimea lives and blooms in Ukraine thanks to the life-giving waters of the Dnieper, thanks to the peace and tranquility, thanks to ethnic harmony.

Nobody would dare to violate this, no one is allowed!

Stop, do not destroy life, do not destroy nature, do not shoot!

Head of the Ukrainian Society for Nature Conservation
 The former Minister of Environment and Nuclear Safety

March 2, 2014, 9:45 (Kiev time)